Tokyo 1964 - 2020

David has recently been appointed as the correspondent for the Sasakawa Sports Foundation (SSF) in London. Read David's first SSF article below (click to read the full article).

The SSF was established in March 1991. Since then the SSF has implemented a wide range of activities such as survey research, grant programs, and international cultural exchange in order to promote the enjoyment of sports by "anyone, anytime, anywhere".


As Japan has faced the declining birthrate and the ageing society, the public awareness about the importance of sports and healthy lifestyles has increased. Despite this fact, over the past 10 years, the number of people who are unaccustomed to playing sports has remained steady at 5 out of 10. SSF believes that it is our responsibility to change this shocking statistic while helping create a healthy, dynamic environment for everyone, the mission of SSF.