Why We Love The Apple Watch

The Leisure DB team are big fans of the Apple Watch!  Here they are explaining which apps they love to use and why. 

Abi Taylor

“I discovered an easy-to-use fitness app called Seven which takes you through a seven minute workout. It has easy to follow images of how to perform each exercise and best of all it tracks your performance. I’m very competitive and it gives you regular challenges which I love! It’s simple to use on the watch meaning I don’t have to think about taking my phone to the gym”

Charlotte Quesnel

Citymapper is by far one of the most useful apps I have on my Apple Watch. A must have for anyone living or working in London. Gets me from A to B without fail and now with the added benefit of live updates on the apple watch it makes it even easier to travel. No more missed stops with live notifications straight to your wrist!”

Chloe Davis

"The GoPro app is great, it allows me to preview the shot and capture photos and videos conveniently on my watch"


David Minton

“The Apple Watch enables me to keep track of calls and texts, use Apple Pay, order an Uber all without having to use my phone, but mostly I use the Apple Watch’s in-built health app; the data collection is transparent and I can view or share it instantly”


Jamie Buck

Zopim on Apple Watch is my favourite business app by far. It gives me the freedom to respond quickly to potential new business enquiries via the online chat feature on our website. Without the watch app there’s no way I’d be able to react in time when messages arrive. The Apple Watch pings me wherever I am and then I hop onto the full Zopim app on my iPhone to quickly reply. Hopefully in a future update they’ll let me dictate an even quicker reply via Siri on the watch meaning I don’t even need my iPhone!”

Jennifer Schooling

“Apple Pay makes it a little too easy to spend my money! But I love the fact I can now leave the house without my purse”

Jon Huxtable

"I rely on the Apple Watch mostly for alerts (particularly Whatsapp) and as a link to the iPhone mapping functions. It makes for a more surreptitious, hands-free street guide when navigating around Central London. People might even mistake me for a real London checking the time, rather than someone peering at a map on a phone"

Natalie Gibson

“I love the activity tracker on the watch – it’s great for an outdoor bike ride as it tells me my average speed as well as mile splits, calories burnt, average heart rate, etc. It syncs to my phone so I can view it on that later but during the bike ride, I just have to move my wrist to view my current speed, distance, time, etc. Much easier than having to get my phone out! The tracker is also great for giving you regular updates on how close you’re getting to your daily goals to move, exercise and stand; it makes me stand up every hour and walk around for a minute!”