1.07m Facebook likes, 76k Instagram followers, 285k Twitter followers, 13k YouTube subscribers* 

Xercise4Less ranks 1st in social media stakes

The number of YouTube views declined by 13% from Q3 2016

*Across the top 20 private brands in Q4 2016


In LeisureDB’s Q4 2016 edition of the Social Media Fitness Index, 12 brands have increased their Social Media Fitness score since Q1 2016. The top ranking brands from Q2 and Q3 2016 have remained the same, with Xercise4Less taking 1st place, Pure Gym in 2nd and Virgin Active 3rd.

Despite only achieving 3% growth, compared to 4% in Q3 2016, the number of Facebook likes has increased by 31k likes resulting in a total of 1.07m across the top 20 private brands.  8 of the 17 brands gained over 1k Facebook likes across the quarter with The Gym Group gaining the most with over 8k. Vital Health & Wellbeing saw an impressive 56% increase in their number of Facebook likes across the quarter.

The top 20 private brands achieved a 12% increase in the number of Instagram followers from Q3 2016. The brands also maintained the high Instagram activity levels seen in Q3 2016 with also 900 images and videos being posted during Q4 2016.

Against the backdrop of declining revenue and user growth throughout 2016, Twitter remained the second most popular platform for fitness brands. The average number of Twitter followers per brand was 22k, an increase of 1k on Q3 2016.

Surprisingly, the total number of YouTube views declined by 13% in Q4 2016 with The Gym Group losing 1.5m from their channel, however the total number of subscribers did increase by 10%.

David Minton, Director of LeisureDB, believes that the fitness industry should not underestimate the power of digital including that of social media. Minton says “Mobile has become a vital accessory to sports and fitness member’s and so operators across the public and private sectors need to reassure themselves they are thinking mobile first.

Social media has grown rapidly on the back of mobile and advertising spend is now bigger on mobile than any other platform. With technology racing ahead, social media platforms roll out new advertising offerings constantly. Digital isn’t a destination but a new way of thinking”. 



The reporting period is the 3 months from 1st October 2016 to 31st December 2016. LeisureDB who has been monitoring performance of the fitness industry for over 30 years compiled the analysis and resulting figures.


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