David Minton Podcast with Bryan O'Rourke

While in Bologna, Italy for the ForumClub event David spoke about ‘Fitness & Technology’ with Bryan O’Rourke. Please see link below:

Key Information:

David’s Powerful Quote:

“I don't think we're taking a wider view of education in the industry. There are too many suppliers who don't follow through with education, and it's a real shame.”

Highlighed key topics discussed:

Bryan and David, together in Bologna, Italy, for the 20th anniversary of ForumClub, comment upon that country's place in the fitness landscape, where work-life balance is key, and where big companies like TechnoGym call home.

David draws upon his decades years of experience to share three things the industry gets wrong about data today, as well as his beliefs regarding education and the lack of free educational services in the fitness industry when compared to the tech industry.

Bryan asks David to explain the importance of storytelling in the fitness industry, and why some businesses are making a mistake by not better branding their experience and what makes them unique.

David talks about the 2018 London Boutique Studio Report that LeisureDB has just released, for what many consider to be the most competitive fitness marketplace in the world.


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