IHRSA 2016 Highlights

Last week David attended IHRSA in Orlando. Here's a few highlights from the show.

UK Pulse Interactive combines facial recognition, Trixter bikes and augmented reality Oculus Rift for a unique workout.  

The Intel Recon Jet offers smart eyewear for your active lifestyle.

The cycling glasses show live metrics, heart rate, speed, power and ride summary, plus built-in glance detection, point of view camera, GPS maps and of course, social connectivity!

Amongst all of the incredible new fitness technology, there continues to be healthy competition amongst the big name heart rate monitoring brands MyZone, Polar and Heart Tech Plus. With the tracking companies offering new and exciting features or products such as sports bras with built-in trackers and group displays of live data streams. 

Last but certainly not least, Zumba have embraced virtual reality by connecting with YouVisit to deliver a new dance experience for customers...and David loved it!

The next trip takes David and Natalie to the FIBO exhibition in Cologne.