Motivation is the key to success

Despite our best intentions, some days are harder than others to persuade ourselves to get up and exercise. But when the exercise gear is finally on, what inspired us to do it?

I asked the Leisure DB team what or who gets them motivated to do sport and exercise and here are their answers:

Abi: I’ve been into sport and exercise since I was little, it’s engrained but I find that the excitement and enjoyment you feel from playing sport or doing exercise is probably what motivates me most. I’d be lying if I didn’t also say it’s partly guilt…I’ve got a huge appetite so I need to keep fit and healthy so I can still be a foodie!

Charlotte: I love the feeling you get after exercise, I couldn’t live without the buzz you get after working to your max!

Hux: Mark Cavendish is my fitness inspiration when I get on a bike but it doesn’t happen often enough and that’s where the comparisons end…

Jamie: I’ve recently been going out jogging with my 11 year old son, he’s pretty inspirational, but he’s also getting a little too quick for me now!

Jen: My biggest inspiration for taking part in netball is the social side of it as I love being part of a team and playing it for each other. But what inspires me to go to the gym? How I feel about myself. I know that going to the gym, clocking up the calories and working hard will make me feel great when I finish. If I do exercise all week, I know I can hit the dancefloor on a Saturday night feeling comfortable and confident.

Nat: All the motivation I need is knowing how exercise makes me feel – a mixture of invigorated, exhausted, fitter and stronger.

What motivates you to get up and go?