Pivotal Living Tracker Review


In LeisureDB TV’s recent video we referred to the Pivotal Living £15 fitness tracker which has revolutionised the concept of budget health tracking. The tracker is even sold out across America until January. Here at Leisure DB we have got our hands on our own Pivotal Living tracker and in the New Year, we will be giving you a personal review of how we got on with it.

In the meantime, here’s a few reviews from popular bloggers:

Up first is Valentina Palladino who thought the band looked subtly high end compared to other inexpensive trackers on the market. Even at its low-cost the tracker monitors all the essentials required to get healthy and the app made the data easy to understand, particularly with the graphs that broke down the steps, activity and sleep information. Valentina did highlight a few negative aspects of the Pivotal Living tracker including a recurring issue with the band resetting itself. They also found that syncing the band with the app could be challenging and occasionally resulted in lost data. After only 3 days the battery was nearly depleted which is much less than the suggested 7 day charge life. Valentina felt the band lacked a few things such as tracking specific exercises and offering advice for health improvement.

Andy Boxall reviewed the Pivotal Living tracker for Digital Trends and felt it was an amazingly low price with accurate tracking and collated a wealth of data. Whilst he felt the band was visually bland looking it was still very comfortable and unobtrusive. The battery life exceeded the 7 day expectation and lasted two weeks but perhaps this length of time was due to under use? A few let downs were the unfortunate use of a proprietary charger, slow syncing to the app and weak alarm vibration. Overall though, he felt it was a perfect entry level fitness tracker with great build quality and solid app performance.

Amie from The Senior List thought the tracker was a great option for first time activity band users. She felt the best selling point was the price but it was also easy to charge and had an average 5 day battery life. The band itself was considered unassuming and a simple design that looked nice with any casual outfit, however the width of band could be irritating for people with smaller sized wrists.

Dan Graziano for CNET thought the tracker was basic and comfortable, with a solid 7 day battery life. The benefits of the band included the silent alarm for gentle wake ups, inactivity alerts to motivate you and the hydration tracking. Dan felt one of the biggest drawbacks was that the tracker was not waterproof and he was concerned over the build quality due to the appearance of scratches after only a few days wear.

Judging by these reviews the most notable comments made were how comfortable the tracker is to wear and of course it’s value for money. Having read these, we are even more excited to try ours out.