Rat Race 2016

This weekend the LeisureDB girls set out to complete London Rat Race in and around the Thames… here’s what happened. 

Meeting early on Saturday morning, we prepped ourselves to swim, crawl, jump, slide and laugh our way around the UK's wettest 10k obstacle race. The race has over 35 obstacles including a huge water slide, giant inflatables and the biggest water jump in any UK race. After a speedy warm up, the running began but within 10 minutes we had tackled the first water obstacle which involved diving over a huge blue inflatable tube. We were instantly soaked from head to toe. For two and a half hours we splashed around the course, balancing across massive see-saws, hoisting each other over walls, racing across the water in kayaks, climbing metal frames, bouncing across water-born trampolines but mostly laughing (...at the situations Natalie got herself into). None of us were graceful but a few memorable events included a trip and smack straight into a 10ft wall, some belly flops on the water trampolines and a loss of balance on a rubber dinghy resulting in tripping everyone else up.  

We arrived at the end of the race soaked, sore, bedraggled and bruised wet rats but still smiling from the hilarity of the event. Big shout out to the company Rat Race in charge of the smooth running of the event, they did a great job organising! They offer a variety of events around the UK at the weekends including endurance and adventure runs, races and obstacle courses. 

By Emma Haendiges