CUSTOMER Profiling


How Effective Is Your Customer Knowledge?

Your business success is dependent on winning and keeping profitable customers.  Understanding key characteristics and realising your customers potential is fundamental to further growth.



Customer Profile

We analyse your customers using the Mosaic segmentation system. This provides you with a full understanding of the type of customers you are currently attracting to your facility, which can be invaluable for target marketing.


Customer Dot Map

We map where your customers live in relation to your facility. This gives you an understanding of the geographical spread and any concentrations of customers.


Distance & Drivetime Analysis

We calculate the distance and drivetime customers travel to reach you. This gives you a meaningful appreciation of the geographic pull of your facility and forms the basis for defining your "core" catchment area.


Customer Penetration Summary

We compare the demographic profile of your customers to the population at large. This enables an understanding of how well you are penetrating your local market.


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