Site Analysis


How well are your sites performing? Looking to expand? Have a new site in mind?

In the leisure business, having the best possible locations will optimise your performance. Understanding the catchment population, competition and market potential for a site is essential to aid investment decisions. We work with you to drive up your performance from existing site locations and look at the market potential of new locations.



Demographic Reports

We analyse your core catchment area, giving you population figures and a review of the local demographics. This provides you with an understanding of the number and type of people living and working in the local area and can indicate specific target opportunities.


Competitor Analysis

We highlight all open and planned fitness facilities in your area. This gives you an understanding of the competitive threat and allows informed decisions on how to position your facility against your competition. A variety of other sports facilities can also be mapped.


Supply Demand Model

Using our unique supply demand model which takes into account competition and local demographics, we can estimate the latent demand for fitness at your site. This gives you the most accurate and robust estimation of potential membership at your fitness facility.


Age Report

We analyse your core catchment area by age and gender. This gives you an insight into your potential market and can aid strategic decisions on membership offers and programming at your facility.

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